Samantha Piro


As a small child I believed myself to be “too sensitive” or “too emotional”. Everything and anything could easily upset me, and I began to adapt the belief that my emotions were unhelpful and too scary to face so I attempted to shut down this emotional aspect of the Self and in doing so went down a road of hurt, pain, and loneliness. In my attempt to “turn off” the emotional Self, I discovered that all I was doing was abandoning myself, and soon I began a journey of self-healing, self-discovery, and self-cultivating.

I found healing in feeling - in accepting the feelings about who I am, the feelings about where I am, and the feelings I have about my feelings. The key to the freedom from the pain has been the acceptance of the Self rather than the denial of it.

I believe we all deserve a space to feel safe, a space to exist, a space to be, a space to explore any and all aspects of ourselves. Sometimes the healing journey (a life-long journey) can be challenging to endure, and I do not believe we have to endure it alone. We all encounter suffering, pain, and loss. As a fellow traveler on this healing journey, I would be honored to be a person who holds this space for you as you unravel the many complexities of what it is like to be you.


Naming Sacred Garden

One day during a meditation, I saw myself walking through an open, white space. I came to a door, and with no prompting, I instinctively knew this was a doorway to my heart. Not the physical, blood-pumping sense of the word heart, but the access to the love that exists within the physical body. I opened the door to discover a vast, limitless garden - surrounded by luscious greenery and an abundance of flowers. I was instantly reminded that I am sacred. I was reminded how to love from the inside out, and to always be cultivating my sense of self.

Sacred Garden, LLC was founded by Samantha Piro in loving memory of her grandmother, Mary DeCaussin, who shared her love through gardening and cultivating all things beautiful.

210 W. University Drive, Rochester, MI 48307, USA 248-906-8547